Colotenango. Colotenango is an important Mam speaking town in the Department of Huehuetenango. Colotenango is a large town in the Selegua river valley at the base of the Cuchumantanes Mountains about 30 kilometers NW of the city of Huehuetenango in the department of the same name. “Woman's traje of Colotenango is notable in that all of its' major elements: huipil, corte, faja and moral (bag) are woven on the backstrap loom. The huipil is short, relatively wide and is worn hanging loose outside the corte. The brocade often includes small, multi-colored diamonds or squares woven in a soumak technique over a red and white warp-striped base cloth. . .. The corte of Colotenango is backstrap woven in two red panels with supplemental orange, maroon, and black or indigo warp stripes brocaded with widely spaced geometric and floral figures”. (from Centro de Textiles Tradicionales Nim P’ot, see