Colotenango corte (wrap skirt).

Hand woven on a back strap loom, a technique of pre-Columbian origin, in two equally sized warp-striped cotton panels. Most cortes are woven on foot treadle looms, a much faster technique of Spanish colonial origin. The warp stripes here are primarily red and an indigo dyed blue. The panels are decorated with supplementary brocade in various geometric patterns executed in the soumak technique. Cortes from the Colotenango area are the most elaborate among the few villages where skirts are still woven on back strap looms. Circa 1980. Cortes are often sold as yardage. This fine example is in very good condition. From Sra. Bonifacia Mendez Boco in Antigua. Warp 227 x weft 82 cm. 22-21. $ 200.