Colotenango corte (wrap skrit). (L89 x W221 cm opened) “The backstrap woven skirts of (Colotenango) are extraordinary. Red and indigo or red and black warp striped, with supplemental weft decoration, they represent the most complex pattering of any daily skirt in Guatemala.” (“Threads of Identity”, Altman and West, p. 139) This classic example of a Colotenango corte was back strap loomed in two well matched all cotton panels. The supplemental weft decoration features bands of chevrons, universal diamonds, zigzags and other geometric motifs. The blue warp stripe of this corte is indigo dyed. This fine corte is in very good condition. Collected from Petronila Mendez Bocó of Santa Maria de Jesus. (5-601) $ 170 *SOLD*