Colotenango huipil. (L110 x W82 cm opened) “Backstrap huipils with red and white warp-striped backgrounds are common to (Colotenango), even up to the present. Fiesta or special occation huipils are usually made of three webs.” (“Threads of Identity”, Altman and West, p. 140) This post-1980 Colotenango huipil was hand woven on a back strap loom in three red and white striped all cotton panels. The central panel is wider and more heavily decorated than the side panels. This huipil features supplementary weft brocade, with vertical bands of a zigzag stitch unique to Colotenango. Other woven zigzag motifs cross the chest and shoulders. The head and arm holes are trimmed with hand embroidery. This is a classic example. This fine huipil is in excellent condition. Collected from Juana Mateo Rosales of Panajachel. (6-51) $ 160 *SOLD*