Colotenango daily huipil. W82 x L110 cm opened. This post-1980 daily huipil was hand woven on a back strap loom in three cotton/rayon panels. The panels are joined by hand embroidered decorative seams. This base fabric blend is called "aleman" and is highly prized. It is heavily decorated with supplementary brocade in typical Colotenango designs. “The [Colotenango] huipil is short, relatively wide and is worn hanging loose outside the corte. The brocade often includes small, multi-colored diamonds or squares woven in a soumak technique over a red and white warp-striped base cloth.” (Centro de Textiles Tradicionales Nim Po’t, see The head hole is trimed with a hand embroidered chain stitch. The bottom has a hand knotted fringe. It is in excellent condition. It was acquired from Petronila Mendez Boco of Santa Maria de Jesus. (8-35) $ 170. SOLD.