Colotenango daily huipil. W86 x L122 cm opened. This post-1980 daily huipil was hand woven on a back strap loom in three cotton/rayon panels. This base fabric blend is called "aleman" and is highly prized. “The [Colotenango] huipil is short, relatively wide and is worn hanging loose outside the corte. The brocade often includes small, multi-colored diamonds or squares woven in a soumak technique over a red and white warp-striped base cloth.” (Centro de Textiles Tradicionales Nim Po’t, see This example differs in that it is quite large, indicating possible ceremonial use. The head hole is trimed with a hand embroidered chain stitch. It is in excellent condition. It was acquired from Ema and Carmen Tepeu of San Pedro Sacatepequez (G). (8-36) $ 160. SOLD.