Joyabaj is a Quiche speaking town in the Department of Quiche, 50 kilometers east of the departmental capital of Santa Cruz Quiche. It was a stopping point on the ancient Spanish colonial road from Mexico to Antigua Guatemala, then capital of New Granada (Central America). The “daily huipil style of Joyabaj, with its embroidered floral decoration, exhibits definite Mexican influence. Today, in response to the increasing availability of shiny cotton embroidery thread (lustrina) in a variety of colors, the design area is worked mainly in acrylics instead of silk, and has expanded to encompass most of the garment. . . The striped ground fabric has been either predominantly blue or red since at least 1930.” (Conte, Maya Culture & Costume, Taylor Museum, p.56.) Good Joyabaj huipils can still be found in cotton.